Who will be next Lightweight World Champ?

After a brief stop at 140 pounds to win a lightweight title in the middle, Mickey Garcia drops to 135 pounds to defend his lightweight belt and try to win the Robert Easter. Both are undefeated, both likely to believe that although Jorge Lomatchenko beat Jorge Linares in the final knockout, they are the best in weight.

But Garcia, who will make a guaranteed $ 1 million bag for $ 500,000 from Easter, is the favorite of bets (1000-, while Easter + 600), and there is good reason for that.

“It’s as good as sports,” said Richard Schaefer, managing director of Racingstar Sports. “This challenge against Robert Esther Jr. is a kind of fight that can make you cheerful, it will be isolated, and they say that patterns make battles and that these two methods are made for each other.”

As usual, any battle involving García – who ranks 9th on our regular list against a pound against a pound and 10 on a pound list for every pound of money producers – is a must. Here are three reasons why you will definitely go through this fight on Showtime (10 pm).

1) Great advantage of height and range of pain week: Garcia is 5 feet and 6 feet. Easter is 5-11. This is a five-inch high feature for Easter, which also has an eight-inch access feature. The Holy Week has a powerful blow, but theoretically, García can keep the bay by fighting like a tall fighter and keeping him out. However, Easter is not always fought as a long fighter and moves to strike inside, and here may be a dangerous Garcia. “I know that Easter is very high and has a longer stretch than I. At the gym, we were working on combat partners who are presenting different challenges and making adjustments from there, I have to join them to get to or push and open my way. Her “. “I have a lot of experience fighting the first men in the past, so I do not think it will make a big difference. It’s a draw on paper, but once the fighting comes, I’ll be ready.”

2) Easter has a new boss: Easter is a good friend of Adrian Bronner and Jefferva Davis, who recently hired Kevin Cunningham to be very respectable to their training. Now, Easter, which had been trained by his father, had done the same. “What convinced me to go to Kevin is simply to change it and make things less comfortable for me,” Easter said. “I was very comfortable in Toledo, doing things on my way and doing things in a fun way and with a lot of distractions.” Perhaps that did not hurt, with Cunningham, Brunner fought in an enjoyable battle against Jesse Vargas and Davis won a small lightweight title by beating Jesus Quillard.

3) Garcia retreating: How will Garcia affect 140 pounds to 135 pounds, if there is something? Of course, Garcia, who has had a relatively long training camp for nine weeks, said he feels comfortable again as a lightweight. “I feel comfortable in both peoples,” Garcia said. “I feel fast and strong in any division, but I feel at a disadvantage when I fight at a very light weight, 140 pounds, these guys are naturally bigger and have more weight, but I feel the same about my abilities. In either of the two sections, fighting light weight, I think it is more than a uniform class, weight class, although my opponent this time is much longer and I have a lot of range, we weigh himself. “