Alvarez vs Poirier 2

Alvarez vs Poirier Live: UFC on FOX 30 takes place at Scotia-band Saddle-dome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The FOX is broadcasting just after the first few hours on the Fight Pass. It is also possible that you can watch part of the event in the FOX Sports GO app.

The league at Scotia bank Saddle dome is the lightweight match between the two teams, which was eagerly awaited between former champion Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier.

Alvarez vs Poirier 2 Live

The twenty-second event in 2018, which simulates excitement, will win the unearned champion of UFC champion, Jose Aldo, from the losing streak to Max Holloway in the main event of the night, where Jeremy Stevens will face in earnest.

It seems that it’s been a long time since the fans got excited about the UFC on the Fox card, but on Saturday night it certainly gives a change. The UFC Championship is scheduled to take place on the Fox 30 card in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with three huge games in place.

Begin the preliminaries at 4 p.m. ET At the UFC Fight Pass, FOX starts at 6 pm. ET, the four-card main battle on FOX is shown at 8 pm. ET.

Eddie Alvarez was in a difficult profession where he fought against a wide range of assassins in Japan. He had a difficult career where he fought against a variety of killers in Bellator. UFC did not break this trend. Cerrone, Melendez, Pettis, RDA, McGregor, Poirier, Gaethje, and now Poirier again. This is not the kind of schedule that most people face in their 15th year in sports. Or, you know, sometimes, but generally it will be hitting from the wall to the wall in general. In contrast, the Underground King still seems to be near its peak.

Dustin Boerier is another person who has not won a boring fight. He was a potential man in the first year of UFC 80-100, where the beginnings of MMA have not yet declined and began to cloud acceptance. Then, while his colleague Eric Koch had a book written about him, Boerier was the subject of a documentary called “Creo.” It’s hard to imagine the kind of things that are happening today about the regional lightweight of Louisiana. There is no crushing machine, but it certainly deserves a look.

As if this fight was not enough to control you, the main event in the featherweight section includes the legend Jose Aldo, who is looking to return to the winning streak when challenger Jeremy Stevens rises. Before the match in the central octagon, Joanna Gardzigkajek, the former women’s champion in bottle weight, begins to return to the competition for the title when she fights against Tessia Torres.

Before setting up your daily fantasy sports in DraftKings for Saturday UFC Fight Night in Calgary with Alvarez vs. Poirier 2, you need to hear what Mike McClure says. McClure is a DFS predictive and professional engineer with nearly $ 2 million in professional earnings. Your choice of DFS has been crushed in many sports lately, producing lists of courses that have been spent a lot in the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, Golf and NHL. He has been in all of his recent UFC elections as well.

For the 94-night contest at the UFC last week, McClure closed with Anthony Smith in the lightweight main event at $ 8,700 in DraftKings. The result: Mauricio Roza was defeated by TKO in the first round, and anyone in his squad was on his way to a lucrative night.

Just three weeks after Daniel Cromier and Stephen Mionic announced the most popular UFC payment in 2018, the promotion includes the Fight Night card, which can be played for the same title among television viewers.